Thursday, April 5, 2012

Surfs Up!

Surfbird - Packery Channel Samuel Taylor©

It's one thing to see a rare bird, but it's another to see it living up to its name (well sort of...). We spent the last day of March getting incredible views of the rare shorebird at the North Jetty of Packery Channel while surfers were waiting for a wave in the background.

The surfers were probably wondering what the heck the guys with binoculars and large cameras were paying so much attention to. We even got some stares from coast guard officials patrolling the channel.

The Surfbird hung out with some Ruddy Turnstones. (Or maybe I should say Turn"stoners"...)

The Surbird only stuck around for a few more days when the weather changed. Hopefully it's on its way to its breeding grounds in Alaska.
Surfbird - Samuel Taylor©

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  1. That first surfbird photo is awesome. I don't see how it could have been better with a bigger lens. It's perfect.