Saturday, January 28, 2012

Brown Jay Birthday

Today, I got an early birthday gift when I visited the Salineno feeding station. Me, Ali and a small crowd of birders had to wait about an hour and a half in the chilly morning, but the Brown Jay finally emerged from the South Texas brush around 10 a.m.
It gave us quite a show as it bounded back and forth from limb to limb and at one point scared off the orioles, Green Jays and a host of other birds. (I think they mistook it for a Sharp-shinned hawk that had been hanging around earlier.) Fortunately, it stuck around long enough for me to run back to the car for Ali who had left the feeders to escape the cold. We rushed back and were happy to see it still feeding. About 10 minutes later, it lifted off with its massive wing span and flew out of sight.

Another highlight was seeing the Hooded, Altamira and Audubon's orioles all feeding near each other. I was able to get all three in one snapshot!

All together it was a very memorable way to celebrate my 30th Birthday. Thanks to everyone who manages this great birding spot and keeps the feeders filled to attract so many great birds!

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