Thursday, December 29, 2011

Birding is BIG in Texas

Things are BIG in Texas. You probably know the Lone Star State is the largest state in the lower 48. You also probably know about the King Ranch, an 825,000 acre ranch that's one of the largest in the world. If you've been through Amarillo, TX you may have seen signs for a restaurant called the BIG TEXAN: Home of the FREE 72 ounce steak. (It's free if you can eat the whole meal in 1 hour.)

But something you might not know about Texas is that birdwatching is BIG. As of July 27, 2011, the official record of bird species seen and accepted by the Texas Bird Records Committee (TBRC) is 636. That's huge when you consider that 969 birds have been seen and accepted in North America.

To celebrate that fact and my love for the pastime, I'll be writing and sharing my experience right here in 2012 and hopefully beyond. I won't just write about Texas birds, but for the most part it will be about birding in my home state. On occassion, I'll go BEYOND on some great birding expeditions outside the state.

I'll be happy to share the adventure with ya'll.

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